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Born in the Netherlands, Lenie Reedijk is a juridical translator of English and German by profession. She is the author of two books about Malta’s prehistory. Archaeological Walks on Gozo (2009 and 2012) is currently out of stock and a new, updated edition is in preparation. Her most succesful book Sirius, the Star of the Maltese Temples (2018, 2023), on the orientation of Malta’s megalithic temples to the star Sirius (click here for more details), featured in Graham Hancock’s Netflix film Ancient Apocalypse and found readers all over the world. This crowned her decadelong research into the purpose and true antiquity of the temples. Her research also yielded written evidence of moves, before and after the second world war, to do away with anything and anyone bringing the high antiquity of Malta’s temples to the fore.

Lenie Reedijk studied and worked in Berlin in the 1980’s. She is the editor of the volume of international poetry ‘I beg the Lord not to hear’ – Literary Response to Violence (Berlin, 1989) and participated, as a translator, in the book project Literatur aus Malta (Berlin, 1989). This brought her to Malta, where she worked as an interpreter and guide from 1990 to 1996. During this period her interest in Malta’s Stone Age temple civilisation was awakened. It has been the main subject of her research ever since.

Lenie has given talks and seminars on Malta’s megalithic temples in Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Malta and has conducted tours to Malta, especially designed to see all the accessible ancient sites.  

Photo: Terry Camilleri | MGOZ

Lenie Reedijk


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