Sirius, the Star of the Maltese Temples

The very existence in the Maltese islands of an extensive and ancient megalithic culture has remained an insider secret. Few people know that during the Stone Age, long before the pyramids in Egypt were built, dozens of temples were erected in Malta and Gozo, all in the same style and largely according to the same unique ground plan...
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About the Author

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                                         Photo by Terry Camilleri – MGOZ

Lenie Reedijk

Born in the Netherlands, Lenie Reedijk is a juridical translator by profession. She studied English at the University of Utrecht and German language and literature in Amsterdam and Berlin.

In 1989 she participated in a book project on Maltese literature, Literatur aus Malta (Berlin 1989), which brought her to the islands the following year. She lived in Malta from 1990 to 1996, working as an interpreter, during which period her interest in the ancient temple ruins of Malta was awakened.

Sirius, the Star of the Maltese Temples

on TV Malta

A film by Alvin Scicluna and Joe Camilleri, broadcast on 17 June 2018 in the popular programme Malta u Lil Hinn Minnha.



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